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For handling plumbing work during a remodel, get tips from the experts at Three Amigos Plumbing & Maintenance. Contact us if you are expecting remodeling work to effect the plumbing in your home. We are happy to discuss your project and propose an estimate for any plumbing work you feel you cannot do on your own.

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Tips for choosing the right water heater
Tips for choosing the right toilet
Tips for choosing the right faucets
Miscellaneous plumbing tips

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Water Heater Help

Follow these tips from the plumbing experts at Three Amigos Plumbing & Maintenance, and you will be on your way to finding the water heater that works best for you and installing it correctly.

Water Heater Tips

  • Average lifespan of water heaters is 8-10 yrs.
  • A pan (tray to go under the water heater) and drainage to the outside are required in Idaho.
  • Installing under the counter (or point of use) water heaters can be complicated by a lack of direct power sources.
  • High efficiency water heaters are a great choice. Check with your power provider about discounts and/or credits towards the purchase of a new high efficiency water heater.

Toilet Help

Did you know that the average toilet lasts for thirty years? This tip and more provided to you by the plumbing professionals at Three Amigos Plumbing & Maintenance. Contact us if you need more help with your upcoming plumbing remodel!

Toilet Tips

  • The average lifespan of a toilet is thirty years.
  • We recommend replacing supply lines and flanges when a toilet is replaced.
  • While color can be a fun addition, it can also lead to frustration when looking for replacement parts.
  • A great feature to look for in a new toilet is lined or insulated tanks. They help to prevent damage from condensation.

Toilet Manufacturers We Recommend


Faucet Help

Do you know how much water you waste with a faucet drip? Three Amigos Plumbing & Maintenance does. Read on to find out the answer and more tips on buying the right faucet for any room in your home. If you don’t find the answer you were looking for, just give us a call to discuss your plumbing needs.

Faucet Tips

  • The average faucet can last a lifetime, but will the style?
  • Plan to replace the supply lines and trap when replacing a faucet.
  • Classic designs are best for finding replacement parts later.
  • A drip, once every second, from your unrepaired faucet will lead to 6,000 gallons of wasted water a year.

Faucet Manufacturers We Recommend


Other Tips From Your Plumber

More tips from the trained plumbers at Three Amigos Plumbing & Maintenance!

  • Be sure to open your vents in the spring and close them in the winter. This simple action can help to prevent mold/ mildew growth in your crawlspace.
  • When replacing supply lines, consider replacing with braided supply lines for more durability.
  • Pex (or polyethylene) tubing is a great choice when you replace water lines, because it installs quickly and is durable.
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